Settlement Of The Most Expensive Private Lawsuit In Crypto : Done !

A lawsuit over Augur, a decentralized platform for prediction markets on real-world events, has come to an end as court records show that the case was dismissed on Oct. 12.

Matthew Liston, the former disputed CEO of Augur, filed the lawsuit back in April, alleging that three other founding members of Augur, Jack Peterson, Joseph Charles Krug, and Jeremy Gardner committed acts of fraud, oppression, and malice along with investor Joseph Ball Costello. According to Liston, the alleged “fraud” resulted in his forced removal from the project and the company in 2014.

A most recent court record shows the court of California in San Francisco County has ordered to take the case management conference “off the calendar,” after O. Shane Balloun of Balloun Law requested to dismiss the case “with prejudice,” on behalf of Liston, meaning that the case would have dismissed permanently.

  1. Liston was looking for a total of $152 million on damages at the time, and so became the most expensive private lawsuit in the cryptocurrency world so far.

In an email response to Forbes by Liston, he declined to comment but confirmed that “the case was settled.”

..the parties have reached a settlement in principle and are working diligently to finalize a written settlement agreement,” the document wrote.

A hint of the settlement came to light from a  court record published on Sept. 6.